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Various Artists Lullabies: Close Your Eyes [1999]

Various Artists
Lullabies: Close Your Eyes [1999]

Track Listing:

1. Welcome Home Amy Rouse
2. Now the Day is Over David Robertson
3. A Sailor's Lullaby Dámaris Carbaugh
4. You're Only Little for a Little While Kelli Reisen
5. This Child Brian Felten
6. Language of Love Marcia Minton
7. All Through the Night Alicia
8. I Pray We See Jesus Brent Henderson and Amy Rouse
9. Jeremiah's Song Steve Millikan
10. Angels All Around Us Alicia
11. Star Light, Star Bright Marcia Minton
12. Cradle Song (When the Wind Blows) David Robertson
13. Close Your Eyes Dámaris Carbaugh

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